Eating for your mouth

April 26, 2018

Lately we have been talking and hearing a lot about gut bacteria. There is a bunch of exciting new information coming out and reinforcing the importance of these guys in our wellbeing. 


But what about the bacteria in our mouth, do they bring any benefits? Is the food we eat capable of influencing them?


The answer is yes and yes! 



Maintaining a balance of healthy bacteria in your mouth and in the enamel of your teeth is what protects it against the attack of pathogens. These colonies make up what we now call the dental biofilm – a layer of bacteria that live in symbiosis inside our mouth.


Some of these guys produce acid as a result of their digestive process. Acid pulls calcium out of the tooth enamel, making it weak and prone to attack. Oh-oh?! Nothing to worry about though, this is quite a normal process and usually not a problem, as our saliva is able to neutralise the acidity and protect the tooth. 


While a lollie here and there is no trouble, regular and excessive consumption of refined sugar and white flour means the teeth are constantly being attacked with acids, getting stripped off their enamel, and opening up their doors to infections.


Be mindful of which foods you choose to eat more frequently and what they will provide you in return. Make choices that nourish your body and bring you joy. You may even get stronger teeth and a healthy mouth as a result!


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