Rock the boat

March 6, 2018


The other day, I read this short and sharp blog post from Seth Godin:


"Slow and Steady: The hard part is "steady". Anyone can go slow. It takes a special kind of commitment to do it steadily, drip after drip, until you get to where you're going."


Slow is not sexy. We like fast-acting, quick fixing, immediate solutions. that are "done and dusted", "once and for all". Slow and steady?! Pfft. 


But "pfft." is not be the way we deal with this. This flash blog post hits the nail in the head! CONSISTENCY is key. 


It's easy and understandable, that we might feel repressed or isolated when trying to change our habits. The "majority", whoever they are, exerts that pressure to buy food-like products, to eat ice-cream when we're sad, to celebrate with booze, to give chocolate to children as treats and prizes, and the list goes on... 


Humans do have a need to feel part of a group. It's a basic biological need, that related to safety and survival. There are though, many groups that one can be a part of, and many ways one can improve the group they belong to. 


Rather than feeling crushed and giving into the pressures of a faceless group that promotes a nutrient poor, convenience driven eating style, know that a consistent minority can rock the boat and make others, just like you, question and challenge their own habits. Here are three important ways in which it does that: 


- Sends a firm message to others around you and stipulates clear boundaries. When you are consistent with your choices, people know where you stand and will respect that. Ever noticed how the designated driver is never pressured into drinking?  


- Creates curiosity in others. ("Jane can have a good time without drinking. Maybe I can too.") 


- Reinforces your previous efforts ("I have done this before. I know I don't need alcohol to deal with this issue.") 


That special type of commitment Seth talked about is not rare though, or only available in selected models. You find it when you look at your values, weight the pros and cons, and make a firm decision. It's ok, and sometimes necessary to rock the boat. 


Slow and steady gets you results! Whenever you need, I am here to help you tweak things along the way. By the way, Nailing Nutrition - my signature 6 weeks online program - is kicking off in April!

Find out if this is for you, HERE. 



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