Stir-fry from scratch

March 5, 2018


Stir-fry is a pretty neat way of getting lots of veggies into a meal, it's quick, cheap and easy to make. It's not all roses though, as depending on the sauce or accompaniments you have with it, they can quickly become a pretty lame meal instead. 


Here's one of those recipes that shouldn't really be a recipe, since it's so simple, but it keeps you away from hidden sugars and ensures a nutritious meal all around! 



- Chicken thighs or breast cut into small strips, 500g

- Fresh ginger, 1tb chopped

- Chopped veggies, 6 cups

(think carrots, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, onions, asian greens, zucchini, capsicum...) 

- Soy sauce, 2 tb 

- Olive oil, to cook 

- Basil or coriander, for taste



1. Heat up the oil and start sautéing the onions and ginger

2. Add the chicken pieces, stirring occasionally

3. When the chicken is half ready, still pink in the middle, add the veggies

4. Mix them up, add the soy sauce and let them cook for a few more minutes

5. Once the chicken is cooked through, add chopped up basil or coriander. Check for salt and add some if needed. 



- To increase the fat content, you may add crushed peanuts, cashews and almonds to it

- To increase the carb content, you may serve with a side of quinoa, noodles or rice 

- If you are transitioning to reducing rice and still need something white and fluffy on the bottom of your bowl, try some cauliflower rice 



- Plan ahead and set those positive traps for your tired, hungry self! 

- Have the veggies all washed and chopped, kept in a container with paper towel. 

- Have the chicken all chopped up and marinating in salt, pepper and a little bit of vinegar.

- None of this is essential, but it will SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME!!!


Serves 4, in general. Unless you're really hungry, it may serve less. 




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