How do you like your eggs?

November 3, 2017

In the past, eggs have been something of a villain, said to raise the cholesterol of innocent people. Gladly, the case was reviewed and studied further, allowing us to understand more about the interaction between cholesterol in food vs. cholesterol in our bloods, leading to the conclusion that these are NOT related.


Eggs have since been absolved from its crimes, and are now working towards rebuilding their reputation as nutritious food. I am in full support of it!


Now I hear you ask, “Is there such a thing as too many eggs"? Well, yes. The problem however, might not the number of eggs per se, but the nutrients you will be missing out by not eating other types of food.


My advice then is, instead of limiting to a certain number of eggs each day or a total per week, look at what else you’re having in your diet and what foods are you displacing or having less of, when you eat eggs. 


If by eating eggs you’re not eating fish or beef, then it’s a good idea to cut down on your egg meals and include some other sources of protein, to make sure you are getting a decent amount of iron, zinc and omega-3, which eggs are not rich in.


If eggs are a part of a dish with other nutrients, are only eaten in one out of three meals each day, or are displacing sugary breakfast cereals, then go for it and keep them coming!


Now, back to my original question: how do you like your eggs? 


As you can see, I'm not very good at flipping eggs... my favourite are poached eggs.


It can be a little fiddly to cook those, and everyone has a different technique: add vinegar to the boiling water, make a swirl with a fork before you crack the egg, etc.


As I like to be very practical, my egg poaching routine is quite basic and it works a treat! Here are my three top tips for great poached eggs:


1. Use a non-stick pan

2. You only need enough water to cover the egg

3. Keep the water to a low boil under low heat


Boil the water, crack the egg gently and let it cook. While it’s doing its thing, prepare a little salad to go with it. Drain the water and serve.






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