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March 6, 2018

I should do this... means that someone else thinks it's important and you feel obliged to do whatever "this" is. I will do this... means that you think "this" is important and it will get done! 



When I ask people what is it that they expect to achieve from seeing a dietitian , the vast majority answers something along the lines of how many kilos they want to lose.


Weight, as I must have mentioned before, it's nothing but a number. By itself, it's meaningless and having a goal based on a meaningless numbers seems a bit silly to me. Not to mention that it's not something that is under our direct control. Have you thought about it? 


"Oh. It's very windy today,

I might weight a few kilos more this morning."


Nope. Not how it works. Sorry. I didn't make the rules. 

So what I like to explore is, what is behind this interest in losing weight? 


Is it an attempt to improve your health? To increase your self-esteem? So you can start going to the gym? To reduce the pain in your knees?


The reason I like to explore this is because not all roads that lead to weight loss also lead to a better relationship with food, improved health, less pain and better athletic performance. 


So let's unpack this "I want to lose weight" desire, to find out what really is behind this and which of the many strategies we should take to reach your actual goal! 


To help you with that, think about the following questions: 


1. How will it feel when I lose the weight?


2. Without checking the number of the scales, how will I know that I reached my goal?


3. What will I be able to do then that I'm not able to do now?


4. How will life be different when I achieve my goal? 


All righty. There's a lot of thinking for now. This should help give you some clarity about what are the things we really need to work on.


If you would like to learn other ways to a healthier you, Nailing Nutrition, my 6 weeks signature online program kicks off in April, just after Easter. Find out if this is for you HERE.  





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