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August 11, 2017

July is gone but the challenge of reducing single use plastic continues! I have to say it was hard, particularly when something un-planned popped up.

Family visiting, a cooking session where I had to provide the ingredients for over 60 people, buying a variety of cheeses and going to the deli were definite pot holes in my journey towards plastic free living last month. It was not a smooth ride.


I could continue to tell you how hard it was, how my little pile of throw away plastic kept growing over the month, even with the intent to eliminate it. It is so easy to focus on what went wrong, what could be done better, comparing my efforts to others...


"Boo!!" to that. Let me tell you what went right! We started buying paper towel and toilet paper with no plastic packaging, we re-used the shampoo bottle and refilled it, we found a new deodorant, we took our reusable bags to the markets every time, we used old plastic bags as bin liners, we took our own containers to buy tea, and the garbage bin went out only once in a month, even with a household of five adults! 



It's the little wins, the daily steps, that help us move forward and continue improving. The way we see our challenges and what we focus our energy on has a massive impact on our attitudes and, consequently, our behaviour towards achieving goals. Believing that you have the capacity to change and that this change will actually make a difference in your life is very important - whether you are working towards less plastic, better eating choices or anything else. 


The details, the how to make this happen, this we can work on gradually, learn from others and from our own experience. But first of all, we want to be willing to change.


This is a reminder for me, and for you, that it can be done! 

In the wise words of Dory, just keep swimming.




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