How to: Chicken stock

August 11, 2017

Here's a very easy one! No chefy skills required. 



- Chicken carcass (raw or leftover from roast chicken)

- Water

- Vinegar

- Salt & Pepper


Optional extras:

- Bay leaves 

- Carrots

- Onion



1. Add the chicken carcass to a slow cooker.

2. Cover the chicken with water and add 1tb of vinegar.

3. Let it simmer for 12 hours.

4. Transfer to a container, using a strainer to keep the wobbly bits out. 

5. That's it. 


Personally I don't generally add the optional extras, instead, I will add additional ingredients once I know how the stock will be used. It can go into making a soup, a curry, the start of a bolognaise sauce, or many other dishes. 


Once the stock is cooled, you can choose to skim some of the fat off, depending on which parts of the chicken you used. A good stock will be super wobbly when cooled, like this one: 



Making your own stock has lots of benefits, for you, your pocket and the environment. To begin with, it is very cheap and can be made with a leftover carcass that would normally be thrown out. Cooking for a long period of time means that more nutrients will be taken out of the bones and connective tissues and into your stock. It is also package free, so less stuff going into landfill. 







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