BSc (Biological Sciences), MNutrDiet


A tropical soul from Brazil, I have lived in Sydney and Hobart for many years, before settling in Canberra. 

My interests in nutrition have evolved through the years. It started with a young me searching for the perfect diet, the one that would solve all my problems - you know that one? Thankfully I finally realised that I was missing the point and only then I could see past the surface and understand how food really can change our lives, in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

With a strong interest in sports, I started focusing not on what my body looked like, but what it could do - mountain bike, climb mountains, lift heavy weights above my head and hold me upside down. Where exercise provides the tools, food brings in the bricks and cement to build a strong body.  


Another one of my interests developed after living with my grandparents during uni and observing my grandfather's struggles with Diabetes. At that time I had no knowledge or experience to help him, I was still studying biology and planning to save the world. As I can't go back in time to help him, I take great satisfaction in helping others manage their health through nutrition, so they can spend lots of quality time with their families. 

For those interested in my formal qualifications, I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian, with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics working in private practice since 2010. Since I never get tired of learning, I also attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and currently I'm studying a Bachelor in Psychology.


I take an individualised and no nonsense approach to nutrition and believe in eating real, fresh, seasonal food. I not only look into the nutritional requirements, but also help people identify and clear barriers that may be preventing them from taking action. Many people "know what to do, but don't do it". Working with me is not about a quick fix, it's about digging deep into the issue, to find a lasting solution. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions about the work I do and how I can help you, I like to make sure we're a good fit for each other. 


Ph: 0444 518 082   

7a/3 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT 2600, Australia

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