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Non-diet approach to health and performance in canberra 


Good nutrition is more than eating nutrient rich foods. 

It is about having a good relationship with food, trusting that your body is capable of making decisions that will benefit you.  


Performance is the path to personal excellence, the continuous work towards being the best we can be.

 Optimal nutrition will ensure their efforts are substantiated and pay off. Get faster, stronger, harder to break and easier to fix. 


Connect with nature. Understanding where food comes from, reducing waste, composting organic material and growing your own food is the third part of the equation, and a lifestyle practice that can be shared with many, from all walks of life. 

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A non-diet approach to Health

It can be confusing at first, learning that your dietitian does not like diets. Hmm.

The thing is diets don't work. We all know that, deep inside. We've tried, we've failed, we blamed ourselves. By focusing on a narrow list of do's and don'ts, trying to adhere to strict rules and focusing solely on a number on the scales, we end up making our lives miserable and further from: 

  • Being comfortable in our skin and at peace with our body image

  • Respecting ourselves and practising self-care

  • Providing adequate nourishment to our bodies

Taking a non-diet approach to health, we leave the scales aside. We focus on health behaviours, re-learning how to listen to our internal cues of fullness and satiety, mending our relationship with food and with that, establish sustainable eating practices that are flexible, realistic and congruent with a healthy mind and a healthy body. 

This is a journey worth taking and I'm here to support you through it.

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